Lets do an experiment: reblog if you would feel safer hanging out with trans*women (regardless of what genitals they currently posses) than Cis women who are trans*phobic and deny trans*women’s obvious womanhood.


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I was at Hot Topic and saw this cool tshirt for some band or something called Bring Me the Horizon and idk what bring me the horizon is and don’t really care but the shirt is cute so i’ll wear it




This was an experiment. See how people started getting mad at me for “buying” a Bring Me The Horizon shirt, when I said I really knew nothing about them? How I said I bought it simply because I thought it was cute? Completely disregarding who the band was?

This is how people from other cultures feel when you purchase and wear garb from their culture with no knowledge of what that garb symbolizes and means. If you wear or use something for the wrong reasons, people get mad


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Why I need feminism in six easy screenshots.

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“Obvious” is the most dangerous word in mathematics.

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It’s also the most dangerous word in gender politics.

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dress up box: femme identity


femme is a purposeful reclamation of femininity from the white supremacist classist heteronormative patriarchy.


The rest of the post is recommendable too, but this definition is right up my alley and what I was thinking just earlier today, so the quote gets a signal boost and a couple of thumbs up from me.

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Gender has nothing to do with genitals, FFS!

In general, it’s quite a good article, but…


In 1972, Weekley underwent his first surgery and by 1975 had completed the process of becoming a man.

… gaah.

Not saying that this mightn’t be true, but this formulation gives me the distinct impression that the article equates “having undergone gender reassignment surgery” with “completing the progress of becoming a man”. 

Did they truly ask Weekley about when he thought he became a man? Cuz if they did and he answered this, it’s ok of course. 

Just sayin’.

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Deutsche Bahn

Sitting at Amsterdam schiphol and quietly fuming at Deutsche Bahn’s incompetence. I booked the train ticket from Berlin to Antwerp a month ago, and only in A’dam I noticed that they’d sent me only a ticket there, not to Antwerp. So I had to buy a connection ticket to Antwerp, and quick.

Next thing I notice is that the train from schiphol to antwerp, which is listed as my connection, is by reservation only. Too late, there it goes…

So now I’m in my element, because I can pour my contempt over a company I just love to hate: db.

Q: is it not also the fault of the dutch railways, that they announce the need for a reservation only a minute before the train arrives? And also, maybe they’ve misinformed DB?

A: no, it’s all the deutsche bahn’s fault. They suck so hard that anyone else’s suckage is generated by DB as they suck everything else down in a monumental vortex of suck.

Q: ain’t you glad you went for an extra safety margin in your agenda?

A: you bet.

Q: do you feel better now that you’ve vented?

A: yes, thanks for asking - even if you’re just a voice in my head.

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People often talk about how trans men are invisible in the media and in public perception. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that maleness and masculinity are respected in our society. While people may view trans men as “fake” men, they usually don’t sensationalize or ridicule their desire to be male or masculine. Trans women, on the other hand, are targeted not only because we are trans, but because of our femaleness and femininity. In other words, we don’t merely face transphobia, we face trans-misogyny

Whipping Girl: Interview with trans feminist Julia Serano - The Scavenger

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That pretty much is my theory too.

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My new boyfriend is an asshole and constantly goes on my nerves.

Well duh. So why is he your boyfriend then, girl?

I wouldn’t tag this sentence with “stupidity” if she were 16 or thereabouts, but in fact I heard this from a 31 year old. Still not learned to stay clear of assholes. Instead she makes them her boyfriends and then complains about them.

Well, complaining is the idea of a fun activity for some people, I guess. If she complains that much even while the relationship is fresh and new, she’s got a hella lot fun coming up.

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Fuck yeah, conformist morons!

I think my rant of yesterday about how I’ve grown to hate the term “fuck yeah whatever” in just two days on tumblr deserves some explanation.

It’s not that I have anything against the term in itself. It’s rather that anybody on tumblr seems to have agreed upon “fuck yeah” as the one and only expression of appreciation.

So, let’s say you like kittens and want to tell the world that you do. What are your options? For instance, you could say “yay, kittens!”. Or “go kittens go!”. Or “kittens rock!” or “kittens are awesome” or “kittens ftw!” or “woo hoo, kittens!” or even “hell yeah, kittens!” (or even, if you are young enough or old enough or cool enough so you don’t have to prove that you are a hipster doofus by using the catch phrase of the day, you could say “I love kittens”. Ever thought of that?)

On tumblr though, this kind of diversity is virtually nonexistent. It’s “fuck yeah, kittens!”. Period. Yaaaaawn.

Also, if you use “fuck yeah” as a name or tag, I always read “fucky something” at first. Now I have no idea what “fucky” means, but to me it suggests something both depraved and retarded. Can’t stand that word.

Other than that, I found tumblr to be pretty cool, though.

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